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Our Solution Provider Library is a comprehensive, objective database of software, service and content providers in all areas of enterprise learning and talent management. Corporate and enterprise research members have full access to the entire database to browse, search and identify key solutions. Everyone has access to selected sample profiles.
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HackerRank is a social platform that provides a broad spectrum of coding contests which are used by programmers to hone their skills. More importantly, the company offers a recruiting tool that can be used by companies to... More »

Updated: 9/22/2014

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Kotter International


Kotter International equips leaders and their workforces with proven solutions that motivate and provide the skills necessary to launch, drive, and accelerate the transformation of their own organizations. At the core of... More »

Updated: 9/11/2014

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Software Platforms

CEB is a member-based advisory company that provides senior leaders and their teams with the insights and actionable solutions to transform operations. The company also offers talent management-related tools under its... More »

Updated: 9/9/2014

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WittyParrot is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps companies to achieve speed and consistency in all of their communications using targeted content. The company offers the ability to improve productivity, message... More »

Updated: 8/20/2014

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Software Platforms

Safari is an on-demand digital book and video library with over 35,000 technology, creative and business titles from leading publishers.

Updated: 8/20/2014

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